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Missing journo’s family to court over Police withholding information

Fathmath Shaahunaz
07 February 2017, MVT 13:56
Maldives Independent journalist Ahmed Rilwan. He went missing on August 8, 2014.
Fathmath Shaahunaz
07 February 2017, MVT 13:56

The family of missing Maldives Independent’s journalist Ahmed Rilwan has filed a lawsuit at Civil Court against Police for refusing to disclose information on Rilwan’s case even under the Right to Information Act.

In a statement released Tuesday, Rilwan’s mother Aminath Easa said they had filed the case last December 12, requesting to find out the truth behind Rilwan’s abduction and share the information with his family. She added that Police has withheld knowledge regarding the case despite having received adequate time and resources for the investigation.

The court hearings on the case have already commenced.

Rilwan’s mother added in the statement that the family is not seeking any information that could hinder the police investigation. However, she declared that since any knowledge on the case was last shared with the family nine months ago, the family can no longer remain still waiting upon a case that is still “ongoing”.

The statement went on to say that Rilwan’s family had attempted in numerous ways to gain knowledge of the case outside of the court but did not receive favourable replies from authorities.

Rilwan’s mother concluded with hopes for a court ruling that would make the family privy to information on his abduction, pointing out that adequate sharing of mutual information between Police and victims is related to public interest.

Meanwhile, Attorney General Mohamed Anil had declared last December that there definitely are people with information on Rilwan’s disappearance in the Maldives. He had urged any such persons to come forward with their knowledge.

Major international associations have also called on the Maldives to conduct a full investigation into Rilwan’s abduction, which had taken place more than two years ago.

The journalist and blogger had “disappeared” from his flat in reclaimed suburb Hulhumale in the wake of death threats. Over two years on, the investigation has still led nowhere with no information of what had happened to Rilwan, who might have “abducted” him or if he is still alive. Police had earlier arrested two suspects over his disappearance, but they were ultimately released due to lack of evidence.