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Boatrain to build MHA's New Vessel

Boatrain and MHA have entered into an agreement to construct a cargo vessel named 'Magnum2'.

19 February 2024, MVT 06:42
19 February 2024, MVT 06:42

Boatrain and MHA have entered into an agreement to construct a cargo vessel named 'Magnum2'.

This 85-foot fiber-built boat will feature the latest cooling system, allowing it to transport cargo at various temperatures, enhancing its versatility. The vessel is designed to facilitate the delivery of essential supplies to various regions across the country.

Ahmed Ihsan, the Managing Director of Boatrain, emphasized the boat's strength, speed, and market efficiency, thanks to its state-of-the-art hull design. He expressed that the Magnum2 stands as a testament to Boatrain's commitment to advancing the maritime industry.

The Magnum2 is poised to significantly outpace the current MHA cargo vessels in both capacity and speed. This strategic move is anticipated to streamline the distribution of MHA goods to various regions, expediting the supply chain. The design of Magnum2 reflects Boatrain's proactive approach to the evolving maritime sector.

Sofwan Ahmed, the Managing Director of MHA, highlighted the vessel's objective of increasing the accessibility of MHA products nationwide and expanding the company's market reach. The Magnum2 is expected to enable timely deliveries to customers across the atolls, catering to those who seek prompt access to goods.

The construction of Magnum2 is scheduled to commence in January of the upcoming year. Both companies envision this initiative as a significant leap forward for the country's maritime industry, aiming to address challenges in delivering goods to rural areas effectively.

Boatrain operates as a subsidiary under Fix in Marine.

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