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State collects MVR 61.7 million in Green Tax in October

Mohamed Rehan
01 December 2022, MVT 11:56
Tourist resorts generated the highest Green Tax revenue both in October, and in annual terms--
Mohamed Rehan
01 December 2022, MVT 11:56

The state collected MVR 61.7 million in Green Tax in October 2022, the Ministry of Finance reports.

According to the most recent statistics published by the ministry, Green Tax collected from resorts, hotels and guesthouses reached a total of MVR 60.02 million.

Green Tax Sources

01. Resorts: MVR 57.5 million

02. Guesthouses: MVR 1.72 million

03. Liveaboards / Safari Vessels: MVR 1.63 million

04. Hotels: MVR 800,864.58

05. Homestays: MVR 1,196.52

Top Green Tax Generators (by Atolls)

01. Kaafu: MVR 21.91 million

02. Raa: MVR 4.74 million

03. Alif Alif: MVR 4.6 million

04. Alif Dhaal: MVR 4.4 million

05. Gaaf Alif: MVR 4.2 million

Thaa and Laamu atolls had the lowest green tax collections, with MVR 99,587.28 and MVR 86,221.32 collected, respectively.

Revenue inflow to the Green Fund by October, in annual terms reached MVR 820.9 million.

The revenue collected by the state as Green Tax makes up the Green Fund, a state reserve allocated for development projects across atolls. According to the Ministry of Finance, the state spent MVR 154.9 million from the Green Fund on various infrastructure development projects in several atolls, including coastal protection, waste management, and water and sewerage system installation projects.

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