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Eleven charges pressed against man that uploaded private photos online

Lamya Abdulla
27 September 2021, MVT 11:10
(FILE) Criminal Court in Male' City: Masaaid has been taken to the Criminal Court previously to extend his duration under police custody -- Mihaaru
Lamya Abdulla
27 September 2021, MVT 11:10

Prosecutor General's Office (PGO) presses charges against a man accused of leaking nude photographs of several individuals onto various social media platforms.

The 36 year old Masaaid Bin Sameeu is accused of hacking various social media platforms of several people and uploading private information and nude photographs on Telegram and other social media platforms as well.

They had pressed 11 charges against Masaaid; he has three different charges of pressed against him for possession of nude content; three charges of distributing nude content; deliberately finding information through illegal means; deliberately attempting to find information through illegal means; providing obstacles to justice; forcefully taking other's property; as well as breaking and entering.

Masaaid had been arrested previously on a similar case as well. When brought to the court as the duration of his custody was ending, the police said they had found over a million photographs on various hard drives. They had found seven hard drives in his home, in addition to the hard drive on his office computer. There were also two hard drives in his office as well.

Uploading photographs of women and girls on various Telegram channels had been brought to the attention of the police before as well. Some of these channels have now been deleted.

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