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'Robbery victim' revealed as culprit: Police

Nafaahath Ibrahim
06 January 2020, MVT 13:46
SBI Maldives
Nafaahath Ibrahim
06 January 2020, MVT 13:46

Maldives Police stated on Sunday that the expatriate claiming to be a victim of a mugging incident near State Bank of India (SBI), gave them false information and revealing that the money was discovered hidden at his residence.

Police received reports of a large sum of money being snatched from an employee of a private company, as he was leaving the bank after having cashed some cheques.

The employee, who reported the incident himself, claimed that on December 26, he was forced into a car as he was exiting the SBI brank in the capital city of Male'. He alleged that he was then taken to a house in the reclaimed suburb of Hulhumale'.

According to the police, during investigations, they deciphered that the 31-year-old Bangladeshi 'victim' was misleading them and he was arrested with a court order.

Upon searching his residence, authorities recovered a total of USD 8000.

Police further questioned the man, who admitted to both hiding the money as well as claiming it was taken. He also confessed to changing the money into dollars and using a portion of it.

Revealing that a total of MVR 127000 was stolen, authorities said that the matter was still under investigation.