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Government to request FIFA consultation on FAM's situation today

Sports Commissioner, Tholal has declared that in review of FAM's current situation where they remain without a managing committee, the government has decided to reach out to FIFA today to request their advice moving forward.

Aishath Shuba Solih
08 July 2024, MVT 16:01
Minister of Sports, Fitness and Recreation, Abdulla Rafiu (L) and Commissioner of Sports, Mohamed Tholal (R).
Aishath Shuba Solih
08 July 2024, MVT 16:01

Commissioner of Sports, Mohamed Tholal has declared that the government will request advice from Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) on an action to proceed in addressing the current situation of Football Association of Maldives (FAM).

FAM's Executive Committee (EXCO)'s term had ended on the first of July last week and although no new committees were appointed, Acting Secretary General of the Association, Mohammed Jaushan Sharif (Jau) proclaimed that he has been conferred FAM's management on the condition that only administrative tasks be carried out under FIFA's instruction.

However, Jaushan had stated that this was not notified via an official letter.

Some describe the country's main football body, FAM as having become paralyzed, unable to proceed any activities due to the absence of a valid management committee.

Speaking with local media, Mihaaru News, Sports Commissioner Tholal assured that the government therefore intends to deliver a letter to FIFA today to gather their opinion on a course of action to address FAM's current situation.

Commissioner of Sports, Mohamed Tholal.

"We will request FIFA's consultation for advice on how to proceed with the current situation." said Tholal.

In addition to football clubs under FAM, employees of the association are also seen working with great resolve and determination to address the matter and improve the situation, said Tholal. He added that the members had also offered this assurance during a meeting held with Minister of Sports, Fitness and Recreation, Abdulla Rafiu.

Therefore, the future of football seems to be bright, the Commissioner affirmed.

He said that the U19 Youth Championships held recently and Soccer Veteran's Academy Competition that concluded last night had also served as evidence of the country's enthusiasm and love for football.

"In addition to clubs, people inside FAM and other stakeholders working together in the spirit of improving the plummeting state of football is proof that football operations can be strengthened and the spirit of football can be revived," said Tholal.

During the meeting held between Maldives Olympic Committee and the FIFA delegation who visited Maldives in April. -- Photo: Ismail Thoriq / MOC

"We will do any work we must to achieve this together with everyone."

Tholal had also convened with the FIFA and Asian Football Confederation (AFC) delegation that visited Maldives in April to gauge the country's current football situation. Recalling the meeting while speaking at a conference, Tholal said that the government will not intervene in matters concerning FAM as FIFA had assured they will notify of their decision shortly.

The Commissioner once more reiterated today that the government will accept any and all decisions reached by FIFA and AFC on FAM's management and procession.

"We had assured the FIFA and AFC delegation that visited the Maldives during the meeting that we will provide all necessary cooperation and support for the decisions FIFA reaches together with AFC." said Tholal.

"We are hoping that we can expect to be notified of their [FIFA] decision within the upcoming few days."

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