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Latheef Returns as VAM President After Three Years

Mohamed Latheef has resumed his role as president of VAM after a hiatus of three years.

27 March 2024, MVT 12:43
Latheef (VAM)
27 March 2024, MVT 12:43

Mohamed Latheef has resumed his role as president of VAM after a hiatus of three years.

He previously served as the association's president from 2019 to 2021.

With no other contenders, Latheef was elected president in compliance with the regulations at the congress convened last night.

Latheef officially assumed the presidency during the congress held at OTP Solite last night.

During the congress, observed by sports bodies, eight additional positions were filled. Each position had only one candidate contesting, resulting in an automatic appointment without the need for a vote.

Former national team coach Mohamed Sajid (Katte) was elected as the senior vice-president. Ali Latheef assumed the role of vice-president of the volleyball section, while Izzath Waheed became the administrative vice president and Aida Abdul Hakim was elected as the female vice president, making her the first female vice-president in VAM's history.

These eight positions were established under the new governance rules. VAM's executive committee (Exco) will now consist of 15 members, including the six existing members.

The presidential position became vacant after Mohamed Ranesh, the previous president, resigned on March 1. Latheef and the other eight elected officials will serve the remaining one year of the current term.

Following his re-election, Latheef announced plans to establish youth volleyball teams this year. He also mentioned plans to introduce changes to the atoll volleyball competition next year. Latheef had previously announced that he intends to develop a strategic plan this year, for VAM's next five years.

Elections for all VAM Exco positions are scheduled for April next year.

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