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The most important year for Maldivian volleyball lies ahead: Latheef

Mohamed Latheef, who contested for the President's posts of VAM said that the year ahead is crucial for Maldives' volleyball. He hopes to revive volleyball in the Maldives and come up with a strategic plan for the next five years.

Uzma Naseem
26 March 2024, MVT 17:05
VAM presidential candidate Mohamed Latheef states that this year is the most crucial year for Maldives' volleyball. -- Photo: Mihaaru
Uzma Naseem
26 March 2024, MVT 17:05

Mohamed Latheef, the only candidate who contested for the President’s post of Volleyball Association of the Maldives (VAM), said that the year ahead is the most crucial year for Maldives’ volleyball.

Latheef, who will take over as the President of VAM this evening, has only one year remaining of his current term.

He served as the President of VAM from 2016 to 2021 and stated that despite having just one year left in the current term, he decided to run for the post to attempt to overcome the existing problems and revive volleyball in the Maldives.

He said that he can work on the current year and set goals for the next five years.

“Even if there is only one year in this term, I would say that this year is the most important year for Maldives’ volleyball”, he said.

“We will work on it this year and come up with a strategic plan for the next five years. I believe that volleyball is the biggest sport in the Maldives”, Latheef said. “It is played by both genders and we need to devise a plan by including volleyball stakeholders without wasting time and push it forward in the Maldives”.

“Even if there is a change in leadership after a year, we hope to come up with a plan that can be followed by the next leadership”.

Latheef was the only candidate running for presidency of VAM after the initial announcement was revoked and re-announced.

“The reason no other candidate contested could be because there is only one year left in this term”, he said.

He expressed hope that the elections which will be held in April next year would be more competitive.

Article 22(B) of the new rules states that if a single candidate contests for the position, they will be automatically elected. Latheef will officially take over the post after the VAM congress tonight.

The VAM presidency post became vacant after Mohamed Ranesh, who was elected to the post in April 2021, recently resigned. Members will also be elected to eight other positions in the EXCO. Only one candidate contested for each of these posts as well.

Candidates who contested in the previously announced elections are once again running for the same posts even after the election was delayed. Under the new rules, EXCO will have 15 members which includes six current members. The first election was canceled on Sports Commissioner Mohamed Tholal’s behest. After making the necessary amendments, the election was announced for a second time.

Former national team coach Mohamed Sajid (Kaattey) is running for the post of Senior Vice-President. Ali Latheef is running for the Vice-President of the volleyball section. Izzath Waheed will contest for the post of Administrative Vice-President and Aidha Abdul Hakeem will run for the post of female Vice-President.

Aishath Fathina contested for the women’s post of EXCO. Fathuhulla Waheed (Fallo) ran for the third post of general member, Sofwan Ahmed contested for the fourth post as general member and Shiyam Ali ran as the fifth general member of EXCO.

All candidates will be handed their designated roles tonight.

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