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Football's Big Finale Before the Final: 'Rasvaadha’ Tomorrow

The upcoming match, named 'Rasvaadha', will secure a position in the first division for one of the two teams in the next season.

11 February 2024, MVT 15:49
New Radiant VS Victory
11 February 2024, MVT 15:49

In the previous season, only a single match managed to attract a substantial audience. The group stage encounter between New Radiant and Victory in the last second division football tournament marked the highest attendance for a club football match at the Galolhu Stadium in recent memory.

Contrastingly, in October 2021, the same level of attendance was not witnessed for the national team's match following the SAFF Championship.

Addressing the media post-match, New Radiant Chairman Ahmed Wasif stated, "We have demonstrated our capability to reignite football enthusiasm in the stadium."

In this edition of the second division, the two teams confront each other at a pivotal juncture in the tournament. Their previous attempt to secure a spot in the first division during the last tournament ended in failure when both teams were relegated to the second division following the FAM's suspension in 2019.

However, the upcoming match will secure a position in the first division for one of the two teams in the next season. This heightened significance adds to the intense competition of the game, as only one team will secure a place in the top division.

Both teams have actively campaigned on social media to promote the match, which is being marketed as 'Rasvaadha.' Legendary players who have previously played for both teams are being invited to witness the match.

Coach Sobah Mohamed, who guided New Radiant last year, expressed, "Tomorrow's game is akin to a prelude to the final and holds great significance."

This time around, New Radiant will be under the guidance of Coach Ahmed Nimad, who led the Lagoons to victory in the previous season's third division tournament. If New Radiant wins tomorrow's match, Coach Ahmed Nimad will achieve the remarkable feat of promoting two teams in two consecutive seasons.

The two semi-final matches and the final are scheduled to kick off at 3:30 pm. Masodi and Tent are set to face off in the first semi-final this evening, with the winning team securing a spot in the first division.

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