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Many clubs not allowed to participate in the FAM Congress

Lamya Abdulla
09 February 2024, MVT 09:36
FAM Extra Ordinary Congress on February 8, 2024 -- Photo: Nishan Ali / Mihaaru
Lamya Abdulla
09 February 2024, MVT 09:36

A number of clubs who were excluded have objected to allowing football clubs who went to submit their applications at the last minute to participate in the Football Association of Maldives’ (FAM) congress held on Thursday.

A few clubs had gone to submit their nomination papers to participate in the FAM's Extra Ordinary Congress held at Champa Central Hotel today. The FAM said the clubs did not submit their applications at the stipulated time. Some of these clubs objected to the earlier decision to hold the Congress online.

Fourteen delegates from one of the FAM member clubs submitted their nominations within the stipulated time to attend the congress. According to the association, the total strength of the congress is 19 clubs. That's a total of 27 votes on the basis of two votes for each first division club.

However, only five of these clubs participated in the Congress. Of these, United Victory participated online. Eagles and Super United Sports, Buru Sports, and JJ Sports Club attended the congress in person.

The FAM opened to the five participating clubs who attended the congress to decide whether to accept the late applications submitted by the clubs to participate in the congress.

FAM’s President, Bassam Adeel Jaleel, urged people to vote in a way that was visible to the five clubs who were present at the time. All five clubs in Congress voted to not accept the forms.

When asked whether the decision taken by a parliament that did not meet the quorum could be valid, FAM General Secretary Mohammad Jaushan Shareef said the decision was not part of the Congress. He said that this was done on the recommendation of FIFA and AFC members.

The Congress started but the quorum was not met. After giving 15 minutes to see if the quorum would be met, no other clubs participated. Later, Jaushan announced that another congress meeting would be held 15 minutes later.

He said that since the quorum was not met in the first session of the Congress, a second sitting could be held within 24 hours as per the their regulations. It is not mandatory for the quorum to be completed at the meeting, he said.

Article 24 of the FAM's basic rules states that if the quorum of the Congress is not met, a second congress can be held within 24 hours with the same agenda. Article 24.3 states that if the issue of electing the executive committee, removing members, and disbanding the FAM is not on the agenda of Congress, the quorum will not be fixed in the second sitting.

Today's congress was held to form some of the FAM’s committees. Today, the FAM Congress approved the electoral committee, the electoral appeals committee, the disciplinary committee, and the appeals committee. All these committees were nominated by the Eagles. No names have been proposed beyond the prescribed number. No clubs joined the congress to object to these names.

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