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Nabeeha and Nabaha Secure Silver After Facing Africa’s Top Duo

Rabeeha Amir
27 November 2023, MVT 16:12
Nabeeha and Nabaha.
Rabeeha Amir
27 November 2023, MVT 16:12

Fathimath Nabaha Abdul Razzaq and Aminath Nabeeha Abdul Razzag, the national doubles champions, clinched silver medals at the Botswana International Future Series Badminton Tournament on Saturday. The dynamic duo faced off against the number one African pair, Diedre Lawrence and Amy Ackerman, in the final.

Despite a valiant effort, Nabeeha and Nabaha lost in three sets to the top-ranked South African pair in the African badminton women's doubles rankings. The first set went to Diedre and Amy at 21-13 in Gaborone, Botswana's capital. However, the second set saw a spirited comeback from Nabaha and Nabeeha, winning it 22-20.

The deciding set proved to be intense, with Amy and Diedre ultimately securing victory at 21-18.

Two pairs in Men's Category wins Bronze medals

Nibal and Ajfan.

Meanwhile, in the men's category, two national pairs earned bronze medals. Nibal Ahmed and former champion Mohamed Ajfan, as well as Mohamed Zayan Shahid Zaki and Mohamed Nashfan, illustrated their skills, reaching the semi-finals and securing bronze in the tournament.

Nashfan and Zayan.

The Badminton Association celebrated the achievements, stating on social media, "The local players demonstrated the skills and teamwork needed to succeed at the highest level," as they announced the silver for Nabeeha and Nabaha and bronze medals for Nibal, Ajfan, Zayan, and Nashfan in Botswana.

Photos: Badminton Association

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