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UV Struggles with No Keeper in 11-0 Defeat to Maziya

21 November 2023, MVT 09:19
Farish substituted for goal keeper after UV keeper Fairoosh sustained injuries.-- Photo: Fayaz Moosa / Mihaaru
21 November 2023, MVT 09:19

United Victory (UV) faced a significant setback when their 17-year-old goalkeeper, Ibrahim Fairoosh Faisal, sustained an injury during the match against Maziya. With no substitute goalkeeper on the bench, a defender had to step in, culminating in a remarkable 11-0 loss, marking the team's most challenging result this season.

UV suffered a comprehensive 11-0 defeat at the hands of Maziya, with six goals scored in the first half and five in the last. Foreign forward Vojislav Balabanovic completed a hat-trick in the initial period, while Hamza Mohamed (Hampu), entering the match for the last half-hour, added four goals to Maziya's commanding lead.

At the onset of the second half, UV's goalkeeper, Fairoosh, suffered an injury, prompting a mid-half substitution with defender Mohamed Faaris. Remarkably, no designated goalkeeper was available among the four outfield players on UV's bench.

The extent of Fairoosh's knee injury remains uncertain, and coach Ahmed Shakir is optimistic about the potential return of Ahmed Anaf Zariyand for the next game.

Many clubs are grappling with player shortages as the league experiences disruptions and numerous breaks. Some clubs have faced penalties for abandoning matches due to insufficient players.

UV's Keeper Lineup and Early Scoring Opportunity

UV's team, equipped with four goalkeepers this season, faced challenges with Mohamed Yameen on loan to Maziya. The league's suspension for the past two months and subsequent resumption saw neither Yameen nor Anaf rejoining the team.

In the initial stages, UV had the opportunity to score, with Maziya's goalkeeper defending against Shanaan Rashad. Japanese midfielder Tomaki Vada later scored the first goal for Maziya in the 18th minute.

Despite UV creating chances, Maziya extended their lead in the 32nd minute, with Balabanovic scoring his second goal from Khaleel Jamal's cross. Hanna added to the tally in the 42nd minute, contributing to a the scoreline.

Balabanovic completed his hat-trick in the 44th minute, and Dhaadhu scored his sixth goal of the match a minute later.

Hampu's Impact and Maziya's Victory

In the 76th minute, Hampu scored his first goal with a free-kick, followed by a second goal five minutes later from a low cross by Hanna. Despite Maziya's attempts to strengthen their attack, most shots missed the target.

In the dying moments of the match, Khaleel, Ali Faasir (Sente), and Vada defended against UV, securing Maziya's victory.

Hampu completed his hat-trick, scoring his fourth goal in extra time. A minute later, he hit his fourth boundary of the innings.

This match marked Maziya's first league game since facing Super United Sports (SUS) on August 23. In the intervening three months, Maziya played four matches in the group stage of the AFC Cup.

Local clubs have struggled to make progress at the regional level, attributed to the suspension of the league and the overall poor quality of play.

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