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Maldives Premier League Set to Resume After 79-Day Hiatus

15 November 2023, MVT 13:52
15 November 2023, MVT 13:52

The 2023 edition of the Maldives Premier League is poised to recommence tomorrow, marking the end of a 79-day hiatus since its suspension.

The last league match took place on the night of August 29. Following national team engagements in the AFC Cup group stage and the World Cup qualifiers' preliminary play-offs, the league was scheduled to restart on October 28 with a match between Club Eagles and United Victory (UV). However, the actual commencement was delayed.

Just two days before the scheduled restart, on October 22, the police entered the Football Association (FAM) premises, seizing materials related to a criminal investigation into alleged fund misappropriation. The FAM claimed in a statement that this entry hindered operations and led to the postponement of tournaments.

In response, the police clarified that they promptly returned the requested equipment and had handed over the computer hard disk after image extraction.

Despite the FAM's announcement to the media about the league's resumption, the new schedule has not been disclosed yet. The league schedule will be revealed later in the day after consultation with FAM's Exco, according to FAM's General Secretary Hussain Jawaz.

The eight-team league, which began without any relegation this year, faces challenges as financial difficulties plague most clubs. Club Valencia and Club Green Streets, the two lowest ranking teams in the league, are not participating in the remaining matches due to ongoing financial troubles.

Both clubs received FIFA transfer bans at the start of the season over player pay disputes and have skipped matches in the league due to player shortages.

As the league progresses into the third round, involving the top six teams, Club Valencia has five games left in the second round, while Club Green Streets has four.

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