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Nasrulla Ahmed celebrates 90th Marathon

21 May 2023, MVT 15:43
Nasrulla Ahmed, marathon runner
21 May 2023, MVT 15:43

Nasrulla Ahmed, working in the Military Engineering Department of the Maldives National Defense Force (MNDF), recently achieved a remarkable milestone by completing his 90th marathon in Singapore. In recognition of this impressive accomplishment, Nasru has decided to present his 90th marathon finishing medal to Colonel Ahmed Sharim, a distinguished officer of the MNDF.

This echoes Nasru's previous gesture when he donated his 80th marathon medal to Minister of Defense Mariya Ahmed Didi. Nasru's actions exemplify his deep appreciation for the dedication and service provided by individuals within the MNDF.

Initially, Nasru set a goal to complete 100 marathons this year. However, he has now decided to revise his target to 99 marathons. The reason behind this change is that he wants to save his remarkable 100th marathon for a special occasion. He plans to take his team to either Tokyo or London in the upcoming year to mark this significant milestone.

Nasru's dedication and passion for marathon running have established him as one of South Asia's most accomplished marathon runners. His marathon journey commenced in 1999 with his first MTC marathon in Malé City. One notable highlight of his running career is the year 2018, during which he achieved a remarkable feat of completing 13 marathons, each under 4 hours.

In the past year, Nasru continued to demonstrate his dedication to marathon running and drive to push his boundaries by successfully completing 10 marathons. Nasru's relentless pursuit of personal accomplishments and his passion for long-distance running have solidified his reputation as a notable figure within the marathon community.

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