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Athlete Fazeel's progress seen within 10 months of training

Rabeeha Amir
16 November 2022, MVT 13:37
Hussain Fazeel Haroon: He won the title of best athlete of the Grand Prix with a national record -- Photo: Fayaaz Moosa
Rabeeha Amir
16 November 2022, MVT 13:37

In the National Grand Prix tournament, Hussain Fazeel Haroon has broken the national record, earning him the title of best athlete. For a distant runner to get this title is no mean feat.

Additionally, sprinters receive the highest priority and opportunities from the Athletics Association. Coaches have expressed worry about the lesser focus given to long distance running.

Fazeel’s coach and former distance running national record holder, Naseer Ismail said, "Breaking a national record would be the most practical method for Fazeel to win the title of top athlete. Fazeel took the challenge, and his dedicated training of the last two months paid off as a result".

Fazeel advanced his own mark for the 3,000 meter run he set in 2019 by 10 seconds. He held the record in 2019 with a time of 9 minutes and 10 seconds. His time was 9 minutes and 2 seconds this year.

Naseer expressed that the record Fazeel made this time in comparison to the time when he underwent training in Morocco was more profound. In Morocco his time would be solely dedicated to training. But in the Maldives, training would be a part of everyday life that includes work and other responsibilities. Thus, Naseer felt that the training in Maldives was also up to par.

In Fazeel’s career till date, he mentioned that he had training with various coaches and each coach had their own technique. But Naseer’s technique and coaching style was different in comparison, said Fazeel who gained a gold medal at UAE’s Ras Al Khaimah Half Marathon.

"I’ve worked with Indian coaches and Moroccan coaches. Coach Naseer is different in the sense that he knows exactly when to pressure and when to motivate", emphasized Fazeel.

Naseer has set the target for Fazeel to win a medal at the Indian Ocean Games next year. Fazeel previously stated that the wins in the Maldives is just a warm up for the international games ahead.