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Experiencing a luxury liveaboard in the Maldives

28 January 2022, MVT 06:24
Image via: Emperor Serenity Maldives
28 January 2022, MVT 06:24

A long-awaited dream had finally come true, and he was in the Maldives, a veritable paradise on earth, in the midst of the Indian Ocean. He knew the following two weeks would be perfect ecstasy as soon as he stepped aboard the luxurious yacht. He'd already fallen in love with his selected vacation spot, and what better way to learn more about it than to take a luxury yacht tour among the atolls? He didn't want to be confined to one island, so he thought he'd made the right decision.

The yacht's naval architecture was magnificent in all of its glory. It boasted well-defined sporting arcs, which are characteristic of current classic boats. The yacht's interior complemented the sophisticated aesthetic wonderfully, making him feel completely at ease. Two restaurants, a panoramic dining room, the main lobby area, the stylishly appointed cabins, a gym, a sun deck, and a luxury lounge with a hip bar counter make up the yacht.

He was met in the main lobby, which had a warm feel to it with the earthy colours that made up the décor. He was in his assigned tiny refuge of a cabin after a flight of steps. The room's setting was enhanced by the white walls and beige colours. All of his luxurious desires were realized with a flat TV screen, a large bed, and a stand-alone tub in the bathroom. The dining area has a modern feel to it, with modern art pieces and gentle lighting giving it a holistic feel. The sun deck on the second floor was luxuriously appointed, with large sun cushions and a Jacuzzi.

He was a diver by definition, so it added to his list of things to do when travelling and stopping at the Maldives' southern islands and sandbanks. The scuba diver in him had always yearned to explore the Maldives' pristine waters. It was stunning and far beyond his expectations. The sea's colours and curves were unlike anything he'd ever seen on a dive. The variety of flora and fauna among the vibrant marine life deep beneath the surface was mystical. He believed the Maldives' internet presence was unjustified; reality was considerably more vivid.

Every morning, he did his diving routines with his allocated dive companions. They went to places in the Maldives that are recognized for their pristine environment. It was a very calming and therapeutic experience for the soul because once you're deep underwater, all reality fades away and you're filled with awe and wonder at even the tiniest creature, which may be a surgeonfish.

Time flew by, and he dreaded returning to reality, so he savoured every bit of his time on and off the yacht. He flew back home, tanned and energetic, clutching the memories on his go-pro and having booked again for the next year.

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