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Travel tips according to experts

Pack smarter, not heavier! by Mohamed Rehan

25 October 2021, MVT 17:02
Travel tips according to experts
25 October 2021, MVT 17:02

Now that the countries are easing on their travel restrictions and borders are slowly opening up to welcome gleeful travelers, everyone will need a few tips and advice to back them up on their journeys. After all, some of the holidaymakers are getting their taste of new air and breeze for the first time while others are resuming their traveler lifestyle after a possible hiatus due to the Covid-19.

So, before you grab your bags, tickets and whatever else that is important to you when traveling out of town; there are a few important things to take heed of – which would come in handy.

Pack smarter, not heavier

You are going on a trip and you know exactly how long you will be out of town for – so why should you bother packing in everything frantically thinking it will not be enough? Pack efficiently based on what you need the most during your trip.

Packing cubes are extremely instrumental when you are putting in your ‘wardrobe’ for the vacation since it would save space and allow you to pack in what you need in a neat and stacked manner.

Sustainability above all

How would you feel booking your trips through agencies or operators that do not provide you with transparent sustainability policies or social responsibility efforts? You are about to go visit a different country and mingle around with people who have lived “different colors of life” than you.

So, before you make the decision to tick in those boxes of a booking form, make sure what you are signing up also is endorsed by a responsible agency or tour operator that prioritizes tourism and community sustainability.

“Drink Tourism”

Drinks and beverages vary from country to country and we are not talking about contemporary travel cocktails or mocktails. In fact, drinks that are definitive and distinct only to the destination where you are traveling to will give you valuable insight about why exactly the holiday destination is popular or why the location is renowned for – in addition to this, it gives you a good idea about the cultural aspects of the destination you are visiting.

Meet the locals, they are friendly

Impressions are everything! And when you are visiting a new place, you would come across new faces – these are people who have lived there for years and decades and each and every one of them will have a story to tell. Perhaps the next time you visit a place, getting to know a few friendly faces of them and mingling with them would provide you with some interesting tales which you can take back with you.

Getting sick amid a trip? Be prepared

You might not be one of those who get a cold or fever when the surrounding temperature changes abruptly. But if you are, then getting sick might be a possibility and that too while you are enjoying your trip. Best you pack in a few of the items that would help you counter any such common ailments you might face – after all, your vacation is about enjoying and not being bed ridden at the villa.

Laundry Bags Help

If you are heading into a luxury resort or a hotel then you might not have to worry about the laundry needs – many of these properties provide their in-house laundry services. But if you are heading for a trek or hike at a natural park or perhaps venturing into a forestation, then your chances of amply washing the clothes become less.

It would be advisable if you carry a laundry bag so that the soiled cloth items are packed – provides you that mental ease.

Group Travel

Sometimes when you are traveling alone or in a pack of two, costs and expenses can weigh you down when it comes to paying for accommodation, food, fare as well as other traveling.

Group traveling is a viable alternative where you can head into a new destination with a pack of friends and sharing expenses together – or equally among each one of you. Your excitement to experience the world should not always come at the cost of blowing up your bank accounts.

We all love traveling and for varying reasons; some venture to foreign places to experience the lifestyle of the locals in these locations while others travel to get away from their routine life in their hometown.

Whatever the reason may be, people are traveling across different destinations and it is always best if you are prepared before you embark.

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