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Defence Minister Mariya summoned to Parliament's inquiry on Nasheed's security breach

Lamya Abdulla
21 June 2021, MVT 15:23
Mariya Ahmed Didi , Minister of Defense responds to parliamentary inquiry into alleged breach of security to Mohamed Nasheed, speaker of Majlis -- Photo: Majilis
Lamya Abdulla
21 June 2021, MVT 15:23

Defence Minister Mariya Ahmed Didi summoned to the ongoing inquiry by the Parliament's Security Services Committee (Committee 241) on the breach of Former President and Parliament Speaker Mohamed Nasheed's security.

As this inquiry pertains to private information of Nasheed and classified information of his security, the 241 Committee meetings are not made accessible to the public nor the media.

The inquiry is regarding the security breach which lead to the assassination attempt of Nasheed on May 6. In addition to the Speaker, several others got injured that day. So far five people have been arrested in connection to this case.

Mariya was called to the meeting while several people close to Nasheed has severely criticised and aimed serious accusations towards her in relation to her role in preventing such an attack in the first place.

The Defence Minister have been under heavy fire after the public was became aware of the fact a Parliament Member had informed her that they had received information of a planned attack against Nasheed. Member of the 241 Committee, MDP member and representative of the Hulhudhoo constituency Iyas Labeeb had informed Minister Mariya of the then rumored attack. Maldives National Defence Force (MNDF) along with the Minister, are being accused of not taking enough precautionary measures to ensure the safety of Speaker Nasheed.

Previously, high ranking MNDF officials and individual members of the army had been brought forward to the inquiry by 241 Committee for questioning. Some members were brought repeatedly.

After receiving life saving surgeries in ADK, Nasheed flew to Germany, for further medical treatment on May 13.