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MMPRC Beneficiaries: Only few can be dismissed from their posts

Lamya Abdulla
13 May 2021, MVT 10:46
Auditor General Hassan Ziyath: he has resigned as AG after his name was published in the MMPRC beneficiaries list -- Photo: Mihaaru
Lamya Abdulla
13 May 2021, MVT 10:46

Only few individuals involved in the Maldives Marketing and Public Relations Corporation (MMPRC) Corruption can be dismissed from their positions even though the Committee on National Security Services (241 Committee) of the Parliament had recommended to do so.

On Wednesday, the Parliament released two lists of beneficiaries from the MMPRC Corruption. One list had 281 names while the other list had 119. The shorter list is specific to individuals employed in the public sector or state funded institutions.

A lot of the names on the list include former and current members of the parliament. However as they are elected officials cannot be immediately dismissed from their positions.

Other names include several judges, and former members of independent institutions. As the investigation is ongoing, most individuals cannot be dismissed.

Only about eight members could be removed from their positions, as things currently stand. They include Youth Minister Ahmed Mahloof, State Minister of Housing Ministry Akram Kamaaludheen, Auditor General Hassan Ziyath and some police and military officers.

According to the report, only Mahloof's case has been fully investigated, and ready to be persecuted. Akram's cases ended with the decision to not press criminal charges while civil charges were being pursued.

"Integrity of AGO lost," as AG Ziyath resigns

In a letter addressed to the Parliament, Auditor General Hassan Ziyath resigns on Wednesday evening, after the MMPRC Beneficiaries list was publicized.

He stated that his name on the list leads to the loss of the integrity of the Auditor General's Office, and as such, he would resign.

He assures that he had not participated in anything that could be considered as accepting bribes or dishonest while he served as the Auditor General.

He had previously said the money he received was in 2014, when he ran for the Parliament as a PPM candidate. Like other PPM candidates, he had received around 200,000 Rufiyaa as campaign funds. MMPRC Corruption was not something anyone knew about then, nor was he aware that the money was obtained dishonestly, he had said.

When releasing information of an individual from a state-funded independent organisation, he said he believes Parliament should have done due diligence.

Due to the ongoing status of the investigation, more names from the lists may be dropped. Some of the names Former Vice President Ahmed Adeeb provided while in court may not be involved in the corruption at all. Furthermore, SOF, the company vital to this case, have used their account for dollar transactions as well as to provide free financial aid to the needy. These names would have to be dismissed from the list.