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Govt announces 50 islands to receive new council offices

Maldives government will be constructing new office buildings for 50 island councils in addition to the offices currently being built under state budget.

Ameera Osmanagic
14 June 2024, MVT 15:12
[FIle] Minister of Cities Local Government and Public Works Adam Shareef --
Ameera Osmanagic
14 June 2024, MVT 15:12

The government has announced the 50 islands where new offices for its local councils would be built, in line with President Dr Mohamed Muizzu's pledge back in February.

The announcement was made on Thursday by Minister of Cities Local Government and Public Works Adam Shareef during a press conference.

Speaking at the briefing, he revealed that they have identified over 100 islands which require buildings for their local councils, and that the first round of constructing buildings for the councils will focus on the islands which are most in need.

He detailed that the islands were decided on after careful consideration of various factors.

He also added that these 50 islands would be in addition to the islands which are already budgeted in the Public Sector Investment Programme (PSIP) to receive new council buildings, but that construction of the budgeted buildings would carry on as planned. The development of offices in these 50 islands is to be carried out under the assistance of the Chinese government.

There are currently 26 islands which are receiving new council offices under the state budget of several previous years. An additional 29 islands will receive their office buildings under this year's budget.

The new 50 islands which are to receive their council offices are:

- Haa Alif atoll: Vashafaru, Ihavandhoo, Dhidhhoo

- Haa Dhaalu atoll: Kumundhoo, Neykurendhoo, Vaikaradhoo

- Shaviyani atoll: Feydhoo, Komandoo, Goidhoo, Narudhoo

- Noonu atoll: Hen'badhoo, Lhohi, Fohdhoo, Manadhoo, Magoodhoo, Landhoo

- Raa atoll: Vaadhoo, Hulhudhuffaaru

- Baa atoll: Kamadhoo, Kudarikilu, Fehendhoo, Eydhafushi, Thulhaadhoo, Kihaadhoo

- Lhaviyani atoll: Kurendhoo

- Kaafu atoll: Hinmafushi, Kaashidhoo, Gaafaru, Guraidhoo, Thulusdhoo

- Alifu Dhaalu atoll: Kun'burudhoo, Mahibadhoo, Fenfushi

- Meemu atoll: Mulah, Dhiggaru, Muli

- Faafu atoll: Feeali

- Dhaalu atoll: Hulhudheli, Ban'didhoo

- Thaa atoll: Omadhoo, Gaadhiffushi, Buruni, Guraidhoo, Veymandoo

- Laamu atoll: Maabaidhoo, Kunahandhoo, Maavah

- Gaafu Alifu atoll: Maamendhoo, Nilandhoo

- Gaafu Dhaalu atoll: Madaveli

Minister Shareef said that the construction of these office buildings in all islands would begin at the same time.

"Even when we look at it that way there are 102 islands which are in need of [council office] buildings, so we decided to do it according to a certain criteria. When deciding this criteria, we looked at the criteria which was previously in effect by LGA as well," Minister Shareef said.

This criteria includes population, facilities of the council and the current situation of the council office building, as well as the space required for councillors, administrative staff and the Women's Development Committee (WDC). They also factored in councils which have received the annual Kangathi award by LGA.

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