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Kangaroo Kids: highly praised by parents

Kangaroo Kids is an international school with a strong education system dedicated to nurturing students with a solid educational foundation. This is made evident in the video posted on their social media where parents also express their views on the school.

Aishath Shuba Solih
16 May 2024, MVT 06:30
A teacher of Kangaroo Kids with students of the school.
Aishath Shuba Solih
16 May 2024, MVT 06:30

The beginning of a toddler's educational life and the foundation for their school term is laid during their years in preschool. This is a bridge to instilling important skills and knowledge onto the growing child's mind while nurturing a love for studies at a young age. The educational life of a student becomes important due to many such reasons. Parents also worry about the choice of educational institution for their child and fervently reviews all aspects of the school due to this very reason.

Kangaroo Kids has become the first choice for educational experience for a young mind due to this as well. The video circulated on their social media page advocating for this cause whilst incorporating the parents' sentiments serves as clear evidence of this.

"How [the school] builds on the learning capability of each individual student while incorporating the child's need into the curriculum is very impressive. Teachers also pay great attention to the child's needs. They notice the things they [the children] are interested in and encourage it," said a parent in the video.

The parent continued to point out that although Kangaroo Kids is an international school, the school also embodies the subjects of Quran and Dhivehi to a very substantial level despite the widespread notion that an international school might gloss over these subjects. She highlighted that the school has a refined teaching system for both these subject, with the child coming home and expressing knowledge gained from school even the parent was previously unaware of.

The curriculum of Kangaroo Kids is tailored to attentively focus on instilling curiosity and reading talents into their students. The curriculum consists of many interactive activities attuned to foster a love for reading alongside developing reading talents. The school has further composed a 'rotational method' into the curriculum of the new academic year for the purpose of imprinting life skills which teaches students to work together as a team and build social skills. Students are consequently learning to work together in harmony as a result of teaching in compliance with this method.

Another parent of a student enrolled in the school reveals that her child has now progressively developed skills in cooperating and working alongside other children.

A student of Kangaroo kids during school hours.

"I believe my child has seen huge progress in socializing and working in harmony with other children. I haven't seen this in my child before," said the parent.

Kangaroo Kids is an excelling educational facility which advances distinct activities and events for students. These events are well recognized and praised by parents. The school organizes a joyous activity related to the studies each month wherein a fun environment for implanting new learning is arranged.

A parent of the school observed that these events further ignite the child's eagerness to study. She remarked that these events instill good values onto the child and reflects that they also offer the family a chance to engage in a joyful time with their child on various days.

"Each month a different event. Various traditional days. Sports day, car wash day, grand parent day; there are numerous activities that are linked to various days like this as well. They are not only just organized to offer the child a fun experience. They are also very educational activities," said the parent.

The success of Kangaroo Kids is not only owed to the strong policies, teaching style and diverse curriculum. The relationship the school maintains with the parents is also a strong contributor to preserving the school's prosperity.

"Parents can always reach the school's management team. All the teachers are very nice. When something is requested they always have a very positive spirit, eager to help. They actually care for our kids very genuinely. When a child accomplishes something, the happiness that a parent would feel for their child is seen from the teachers as well," remarked a parent of the school.

The school's parents have always revered and praised the curriculum, teaching skills and management operations of Kangaroo Kids. With this praise, the school has been striving and expending all their offers to render the most refined education for toddlers while also embodying opinions expressed by parents.

Note: This is an advertorial article for Islanders Education.

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