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President Muizzu Announces Ambitious Plan for Gaafu Gahdhoo-Maavarulu Bridge Project

Anaan Bushry
22 February 2024, MVT 07:04
Anaan Bushry
22 February 2024, MVT 07:04

President Muizzu has announced plans to construct a bridge linking Gaafu Gahdhoo to the nearby Maavarulu airport during his current visit to the atoll.

While addressing the residents at Gaafu Gahdhoo, he emphasized the government's commitment to developing Maavarulu airport, acknowledging the need for substantial efforts in this regard. However, he noted that finding space in the budget for the project would require some time.

The President highlighted that the journey from Maavarulu Airport to Gaddhoo currently takes approximately 15 minutes by launch, but a road connection between the two locations is in the works. Despite the budgetary constraints, President Muizzu assured the community that steps would be taken to expedite the process.

In addition to the infrastructure projects, President Muizzu expressed determination to boost tourism in the region despite prevailing economic challenges. He disclosed plans to dredge land to address land shortages in the island, acknowledging that this initiative was not incorporated into the current year's budget but emphasized his commitment to its execution.

Furthermore, the President pledged to establish a hospital in Gaddhoo as part of broader efforts to enhance the healthcare infrastructure in the region.

During a meeting today, President Muizzu conveyed dissatisfaction with the lack of support from the Gahdhoo Council for his visit, noting the absence of the council's president and vice-president. Regardless of political affiliations, he emphasized the shared responsibility of serving the people, expressing disappointment in the apparent disregard for these responsibilities. President Muizzu urged the councilors to prioritize cooperation in addressing community matters, emphasizing the importance of their involvement irrespective of their political ideologies.

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