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Maldives discuss fish export to Turkey without tariff

Mohamed Rehan
29 November 2023, MVT 13:20
President Muizzu meets with Turkish Deputy of Trade Ministry.-- Photo: X
Mohamed Rehan
29 November 2023, MVT 13:20

Maldives has begun discussions with Turkey to cut tariffs on fish exports.

Highlighting the current official state visit of President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu to Turkey, the Minister of Foreign Affairs Mooza Zameer via X noted attending the meeting between the President and Turkey's Deputy Minister of Trade Mustafa Tuzcu.

"Noting the need for easier access for Maldives fish products to Türkiye market, discussions focused on opportunities for enhancing trade and cooperation" between the countries including the removal of tariff on Maldivian fish exports to the country, the minister said.

The minister also expressed confidence that greater trade cooperation between the Maldives and Turkey would elevate the partnership of the countries.

President Muizzu, along with his spouse, First Lady Sajidha Mohamed and a high-level delegation of the government, flew to Turkey on Sunday, November 26.

During his official visit to the Turkey, President Muizzu has met with its President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.