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Home Minister offers car to stroke patient and walks home

Mariyath Mohamed
28 November 2023, MVT 14:30
Home Minister Ihsaan meeting with inmates at Asseyri Prison in K. Himmafushi yesterday.-- Photo: Home Ministry
Mariyath Mohamed
28 November 2023, MVT 14:30

Minister of Homeland Security and Technology Ali Ihusan has transported a stroke patient to the hospital in his official car.

A stroke patient was transferred from Kaafu Atoll Himmafushi to Male' in the same speedboat as the one the Minister travelled on on Monday. Due to the delay in the arrival of an ambulance, the Minister decided to transport the patient to the hospital in his official car.

At the time, the Minister was returning to Male' after visiting the drug rehabilitation centre situated in Himmafushi.

The patient was transported in the same speedboat after he collapsed following Asr prayers. He was being transferred to Male' to conduct more tests to assist in diagnosing him. It was after getting medical attention in Male' that it was ascertained that he had suffered a stroke.

A family member of the patient shared with Mihaaru News today that the 45 year old was taken to Male' as the medical facility at the island had advised them that further tests needed to be consulted. The family was unaware at the time that the man had suffered a stroke.

The family said that Minister Ihusan, on learning about their attempts to confirm a speedboat through the rehabilitation centre, had insisted on transporting the patient on the vessel he was travelling on.

"Even upon reaching Male', the Minister arranged transfer of the patient in his official car because the ambulance was being delayed. The Minister himself walked home," a representative from the family said.

The family member shared that the patient's condition is steadily improving now.

Home Minister Ihusaan visited Himmafushi yesterday on a visit to observe the institutions being run on the island under the oversight of the ministry. Drug rehabilitation centres have been transfered from the Gender Ministry to the Home Ministry under this new administration.