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Woman assaulted on the streets of Madaveli

Mohamed Rehan
22 March 2023, MVT 14:04
A screenshot from the video shared on social media platforms; the 33-year-old assailant
Mohamed Rehan
22 March 2023, MVT 14:04

A woman was attacked and dragged onto the road in Gaafu Dhaalu Madaveli on Tuesday, March 21.

The victim, who is not a native of the island, was assaulted by a 33-year-old man from Madaveli. The attack occurred inside the woman's residence, and the assailant continued to beat her as he dragged her outside.

Police received reports of the assault and are investigating the matter.

The victim was taken to the island's Health Center for medical treatment following the altercation, according to the police.

Videos of the incident, which have been circulating on social media, show the attacker beating the woman and throwing her onto the road in front of several witnesses. However, a few onlookers gathered at the scene managed to stop the assailant, who has since been taken into police custody.

An individual who spoke to Mihaaru News from the island said that she had moved to the island with the assailant to get married, therefore their marital status is not confirmed.

It was also reported that the woman had previously temporarily stayed at the man's relative's house due to continued abuse.

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