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Education Min: Indian teachers have reported being harassed

Lamya Abdulla
17 January 2022, MVT 12:12
Funadhoo School wall vandalised with writings that say "India Out", on January 16, 2022 --
Lamya Abdulla
17 January 2022, MVT 12:12

Ministry of Education said on Sunday that Indian teachers from public schools of some administrative islands have been the target of harassment.

The ministry have also filed a case with the police since the Shaviyani Funadhoo School’s wall has been vandalized with spray paint, in a sign that reads “India Out.”

Permanent Secretary of Education Ministry Ahmed Ali told Mihaaru News that they received reports teachers from two different islands had been harassed in the previous academic term.

“We received reports that locals had called ‘India Out’ at Indian teachers on the road, and had called for them to leave the island as well,” Ahmed had said.

He criticized such behaviour in the harshest terms and said this was saddening to see.

“They [Indian teachers] are not here for no reason. They are here because we had to request specifically when we could not find Maldivian teachers after we announced for it, repeatedly. Harassing Indian teachers is not acceptable behaviour.”

Ali said that due to the persistent harassment, the teachers have expressed concern over their safety and have said they are afraid to be alone on the streets. However, the ministry have reassured them that their safety would be guaranteed, he said.

Former Maldivian President Abdulla Yameen has been conducting a campaign calling for the presence of Indian military to leave Maldives. He has encouraged locals to write "India Out" on the walls of the locals houses to express solitary with the cause. However Funadhoo Council alleges that the school got vandalised by a group of government officials.

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