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President Solih reveals Magoodhoo Airport expansion project

Mohamed Rehan
29 May 2023, MVT 10:47
President Solih revealed expansion plans for Magoodhoo Airport at the inaugural ceremony of Fenaka Corporation's new office in the island-- Photo: President's Office
Mohamed Rehan
29 May 2023, MVT 10:47

Maldives President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has announced plans to expand the runway of the Faafu Atoll Magoodhoo Airport, which is currently under construction.

He made the statement at a special ceremony held in Magoodhoo on Saturday evening, May 27. President Solih is currently visiting the atoll.

Speaking about the airport project, President Solih said that certain aspects of the original plan had been revised to ensure a more contemporary development. He emphasized that the runway would be expanded to accommodate private jet landings, enhancing the airport's capabilities.

According to the President, the project scope includes;

- Expanding the runway from 1,500 to 1,800 meters

- Tarmac to facilitate private jet landings

- Taxiway and parking area for private jets with a fuel farm

- VIP lounge

- City Hotel

“[Magoodhoo Airport] will be one of the best regional airports,” President Solih said.

President Solih said that the unity of the island community was the key to Magoodhoo's prosperity. He praised the friendly and communal camaraderie displayed by the local community, which consists of 900 people.

The airport is developed by Maldives Transport and Contracting Company (MTCC) for a project total of MVR 213.5 million.

While the contractor has already completed land reclamation, development of the runway and airport terminal is currently underway. In addition to this, the government also announced plans to allocate land plots from the reclaimed area.

President Solih further claimed that the airport will solve transportation issues faced by 6,000 locals living in Faafu atoll, since the atoll currently lacks an airport.

President Solih emphasized that the construction of the airport in Magoodhoo will address the transportation challenges faced by approximately 6,000 residents living in Faafu Atoll, as the atoll currently lacks an airport.

Besides revealing changes to the airport project, President Solih officiated the water and sewerage system and inuaugurated Fenaka Corporation’s new office.

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