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Maldives police commissioner worried about unmanageable traffic

Anaan Bushry
19 March 2023, MVT 14:48
Anaan Bushry
19 March 2023, MVT 14:48

The Commissioner of Police in Maldives, Mohamed Hameed, has expressed concern over the increasing use of stickers to penalize vehicles parked illegally in the city.

In an interview with local media outlet Miharu, the CP said that while he understands the need for orderly parking, the police must maintain a delicate balance and be sensitive in enforcing traffic laws as there is usually public dissatisfaction when the police issue stickers and slips for violations.

He also stated that he does not see these issues being addressed through the implementation of any policies as most policies come and go with the changes in government.

The CP went on to say that a significant issue is the lack of viable, long-term solutions to the city's traffic issues. He emphasized the necessity for key institutions to work together to identify short-term, medium-term, and long-term solutions.

I often contemplate why the police must enforce traffic laws. When they do, the public's impression of the police's reliability may deteriorate, which is a legitimate cause for concern. He noted that it has become difficult to control traffic while ensuring that the general population does not harbor animosity toward the police. "I think real answers have to arrive before this can change," he stated.

He said that managing traffic and enhancing traffic flow in the congested metropolis is crucial but when it comes to traffic flow, we frequently are unable to control it when it is extremely backed up.

Hameed also highlighted the logistical challenges faced by the police in towing illegally parked vehicles due to the lack of space. He said that while traffic management is important, it should not take up too much of the police's time and resources, as they must also deal with crime.

We don't want these things to occur when conditions are this dire because they will seemingly be a response to the general public's hostility toward the police, the CP said.

The CP's remarks come amid rising discontent among locals regarding the use of stickers to deter unlawful parking. Although many support enforcing parking regulations, they contend that doing so is ineffective in legitimately addressing the city's traffic issues.

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