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BroadCom signs with sponsors ahead of Broadcast Awards

Mohamed Rehan
15 August 2022, MVT 06:16
From the sponsor signing ceremony for the first "Maldives Broadcast Awards" event in the Maldives-- Photo: Nishan Ali | Mihaaru
Mohamed Rehan
15 August 2022, MVT 06:16

Maldives Broadcasting Commission (BroadCom) signs with the sponsors of "Maldives Broadcast Awards 2022."

Signing ceremony took place on Sunday afternoon, August 14 at the conference hall of H. Meerumaage.

In Sunday's signing ceremony, event sponsors and individual awards sponsors had signed with the event's organizer.

Sponsors of the event include;

- Associate Partner - Maldives Transport and Contracting Company (MTCC)

- Official Sponsors - State Electric Company (STELCO) and Fuel Supplies Maldives (FSM)

- Audit Partner - Crowe Maldives

- Hosting Partner - Housing Development Corporation (HDC)

- Digital Partner - Ooredoo Maldives

In addition to this, State Trading Organization (STO), Maldives Ports Limited (MPL), Maldivian Airline, Al-Shaali Marine, MedTech, Litus and Fenaka Corporation sponsored individual awards.

During the ceremony, the expert panel of judges were announced as well. The panel included six industry professionals;

1. Mariyam Shaugee - worked in TV productions

2. Massood Ali - worked as a TV presenter and host

3. Dr. Lujain Ismail Shafeeq - worked in broadcasting and journalism fields

4. Imjad Ali - strategic communications and marketing

5. Mohamed Niyaz (Tedry) - movie productions

6. Amitabh Pashupati Revi - notable Indian TV news anchor

While speaking at Sunday's ceremony, BroadCom's president Ms. Mariyam Waheeda highlighted the challenges faced while choosing the most suitable judges. She had praised the experts included in the panel, noting they were professionals of their respective fields.

The Broadcast Awards is split into three major categories, which include;

- Industry

- Journalism

- Production

Awards under production category are mainly focused on broadcast channels, and individual entities in the field. Individual entrants are selected as eligible award applicants if their content were broadcast through a licensed broadcaster.

BroadCom confirms receiving a total of 170 entrants for the awards.

The date of the event is expected to announced soon.