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Maldives welcomes first tourist of 2022, aims for 2 million visitors

Lamya Abdulla
02 January 2022, MVT 11:51
First visitors to Maldives in 2022: Maldives celebrates first visitors each year -- Photo: MMPRC
Lamya Abdulla
02 January 2022, MVT 11:51

Maldives aims for 2 million tourists in 2022, starts off the year with tourists from UK on Saturday.

The first tourist to Maldives this year was Georgina Canning, who had visited Maldives previously as well. She had received a special welcome, celebrated as the first tourist to Maldives this year

The first tourist to arrive in Maldives is celebrated every year.

Tourism Ministry congratulating the first visitor to Maldives in 2022

Maldives had exceeded it’s initial goal for tourist arrivals to Maldives for 2021 with 1.3 million visitors. When the year started the goal was to welcome 1 million tourists within the year. The aim of this year is to bring in 2 million tourists over the next twelve months.

Maldives’ tourist arrivals steadily increased in the second half of last year after slowing down due to travel restrictions and other pandemic related obstacles. The year has been declared a successful one for tourism in the nation. Last year Maldives recorded 11 million bed-nights for tourists in total. Tourism Ministry aims started the year hoping to achieve at least 10 million bed-nights within the year, which was achieved sooner than expected.

The goal for 2022 is to achieve 13 million bed-nights per year.

Maldivian tourism has resumed and is doing well despite coming to a near halt in 2020. Currently, there are 55,000 beds in the tourism sector and 50,000 beds are in use. These include accommodation form resorts, guesthouses and safaris within the nation.

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