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Little Sapling

08 July 2019, MVT 11:49
A little sapling grows out of the earth.
08 July 2019, MVT 11:49

A little boy found a patch of grass one day, where there laid nothing but grass. It was otherwise barren but he was delighted. He’d water the grass every day. The grownups called him stupid and yet, he carried on.

Every once in a while, he’d eat whilst he was there and boy, oh boy was he a messy eater. There would be bits on him and bits on the ground. He’d run home and clean up but not before watering the grass.

Quite an amount of time passed. One day, he felt something brush up against his hand. It was a sapling! He jumped for joy.

By the time he was fully grown, the sapling had grown into a tree half his height. He bid his friend goodbye and headed off to new horizons.

Will it still be alive by the time he came back? He looked back in concern and there were children who looked fascinated by his tree. They exchanged a few words with the woman accompanying them; he assumed she was their mother. Next thing he knew, the woman watered the tree. Seems his friend would make it to see another day.

- Shin

Shin, 16, writes in his free time. He credits his final work to his amazing editor.

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