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Sri Lankan Navy confiscate over 260 kg of drugs

Sri Lankan Navy has intercepted a fishing vessel and confiscated 260 kg of drugs worth USD 12,326.23 on board the vessel.

Aishath Shuba Solih
16 April 2024, MVT 12:04
Drugs confiscated by the Sri Lankan Navy.
Aishath Shuba Solih
16 April 2024, MVT 12:04

Over 260 kilograms of drugs has been confiscated during an operation launched by the Sri Lankan Maritime Defence Force.

The Navy had intercepted a sea vessel traveling 144 nautical miles (246 kilometers) outside the country's southernmost settlement, Dondara and seized 179 kilograms of Crystal Methamphetamine and 83 kilograms of Heroin on board the vessel.

The apprehended fishing vessel with drugs aboard.

The Navy said that the vessel intercepted amid the operation proceeded after receiving intelligence was a fishing vessel and had six crew members aboard. One more fishing boat was apprehended which is believed to have been stationed nearby to accept the drugs delivered by the initial vessel.

These narcotics were enclosed within 17 sacks and have now been transported to the Galle Harbor.

Affirming that the confiscated drugs were worth over LKR 3.7 million (USD 12,326.23), the Sri Lankan Navy revealed that the annual numbers of drugs confiscated so far amounts up to LKR 9.3 million (USD 30,982.15).

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