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SO Operations will need direct authorization from Police Commissioner

Mariyath Mohamed
11 April 2024, MVT 14:24
Commissioner of Police Shujau speaking at an earlier press conference.
Mariyath Mohamed
11 April 2024, MVT 14:24

It has been decided that Specialist Operations (SO) Police can only be sent on operations with the explicit authorization of the Commissioner of Police.

In a statement released by the Ministry of Homeland Security and Technology on Wednesday, it was revealed that President Dr Mohamed Muizzu has ordered Police Commissioner Ali Shujau through Minister of Homeland Security and Technology Ali Ihusan to immediately take special measures to further officialize the work of SO police operations.

This includes:

1. To re-establish and outline the specific situations in which Specialist Operations Police Officers will need to be engaged, and to stipulate that even under such circumstances, direct authorization from the Commissioner of Police must be sought before they are engaged.

2. Restructure the Police Operational Command and Control and seek solutions for existing challenges.

3. Task the Police Professional Standards Command to investigate events of April 9 when SO Police attended the incident near Ghiyasudheen School and to take legal action against any persons found to have been negligent

4. Review the procedures for sharing information with media during operations, and establish a more transparent system wherein more detailed information than at present is revealed to the public

5. Use of Force Committee to review SO actions outside Ghiyasudheen International School on April 9 and taken action where necessary

Earlier last evening, President Dr Muizzu received the investigative report on the actions of SO Police that he had asked for from the Minister of Homeland Security and Technology.

These steps have been taken following SO police responding to unrest around People's National Front (PNF) gathering on Monday night.

The altercations occurred when PNF attempted to hold their Formation Meeting at the hall of Ghiyasuddeen International School despite the school having cancelled the agreement earlier in the day citing logistical difficulties.

With police responding to the incident and attempting to halt PNF from forcefully holding the meeting on the school's premises, altercations arose between the police and supporters and members of PNF, resulting in persons from both sides sustaining various injuries.

Speaking about the incident, President Dr Mohamed Muizzu stated yesterday that he has clearly instructed police to not send SO Police to respond to incidents such as this.

The President stated unequivocally that he would not tolerate the sending of SO Police to the incident.

"That is the pledge I made to the people. I do not want to repeat again what happened in this country before," President Dr Muizzu asserted.

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