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SO Police acted against my policies, will take action: President

President Dr Mohamed Muizzu has stated today that SO police had come out in response to the unrest around People's National Front (PNF) gathering last night against his explicit instructions. He assured that he will take necessary action regarding the matter.

Mariyath Mohamed
10 April 2024, MVT 13:20
President Dr. Muizzu speaks to media today.
Mariyath Mohamed
10 April 2024, MVT 13:20

President Dr Mohamed Muizzu has stated today that SO police had come out in response to the unrest around People's National Front (PNF) gathering last night against his explicit instructions. He assured that he will look into how the events transpired and take necessary action.

The altercations occurred when PNF attempted to hold their Formation Meeting at the hall of Ghiyasuddeen International School last night despite the school having cancelled the agreement earlier in the day citing logistical difficulties.

With police responding to the incident and attempting to halt PNF from forcefully holding the meeting on the school's premises, altercations arose between the police and supporters and members of PNF, resulting in persons from both sides sustaining various injuries.

Speaking about the incident, President Dr Mohamed Muizzu stated today that he has clearly instructed police to not send SO Police to respond to incidents such as this. He asserted that he has relayed this to Commissioner of Police Ali Shujau and even issued this instruction at at recent meeting held with members of the Police service.

"I will know if there is a need to send SO Police. If this nation goes to that point, I will say then that it is time to send them. People's property being damaged, arson, physical attacks on people, or a sacred place such as a mosque being vandalized and damaged. Things will not even go to that level, God willing," the President stated, speaking to press at his official residence Muleeaage'.

The President said that last night he had been attending two campaign events related to the upcoming parliamentary elections, and had only become aware of the unrest through news reports. He said he immediately contacted the Minister of Homeland Security and Technology and Commissioner of Police and asked them to investigate fully how events had transpired.

"I want to know how this happened. Who, on what grounds, gave this instruction. How did this happen? I have told the Home Minister as well. That I must get an investigation report before sunset today," the President said.

"I will get the investigation report today and take necessary action against whoever did this. I want to once again instill public trust in the police service. I want my government to have that trust."

The President stated unequivocally that he would not tolerate the sending of SO Police to the incident.

"That is the pledge I made to the people. I do not want to repeat again what happened in this country before," President Dr Muizzu asserted.

He shared that even at a recent meeting with the Police, he had highlighted that he wanted to end the public perception that the Police is an entity that harms or exerts violence against the people.

"This is what I was talking about last night as well [at the campaign rally]. But by the time I had finished speaking, things have happened to the contrary. I am deeply saddened by these events, that things have gone against my clear instructions," the President said.

The President revealed that last night's events had led to a sleepless night for him, with the fact that the SO Police had acted against his instructions being a matter of serious concern to him.

"I don't think I will be able to get a good night's sleep again until I get the report on this, and am able to delve into the depths of the matter, and find a solution," he said.

Forbade any police presence at Bridge Platform

Once the meeting could not be held at Ghiyasudheen International School, it was relocated to the Sinamale' Bridge Platform.

The President said that he had directly forbidden any police presence, even those on regular duty, at the location or near the premises.

"I was that upset about the proceedings last night. Once I issued that order, not even a regular police officer was at the location. So [the PNF meeting] was very much allowed to proceed," the President said.

The President asserted that all the problems arose last night because SO Police had gone to respond to the incident near Ghiyasudheen International School.

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