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Hulhumale Hospital Launches MRI T2* to identify myocardial iron accumulation

Hulhumale Hospital Launches MRI T2* which, among other uses, can be used to identify myocardial iron accumulation in thalassemia major patients.

Anaan Bushry
24 February 2024, MVT 07:41
Hulhumale Hospital
Anaan Bushry
24 February 2024, MVT 07:41

A new MRI T2 Star service, designed for determining iron accumulation levels in the body, has been introduced at Hulhumale' Hospital.

This initiative, part of the government's initial 100-day agenda, was inaugurated by Abdullah Nazim, the Principal Secretary of Public Policy at the President's Office.

According to a statement from the hospital, the recently installed machine will significantly bolster its capability to diagnose and manage thalassemia and associated ailments.

Stating the financial burden on the government previously as such treatment was only available abroad, he highlighted that the introduction of this service would alleviate such costs henceforth.

The availability of this service means thalassemia patients will no longer need to seek diagnostic tests abroad, ensuring prompt interventions and better health outcomes.

Hulhumale' Hospital expressed its intention to commence staff training and enhance its capacity to generate comprehensive reports.

This machine will aid in tailoring treatment plans for individuals requiring advanced imaging technology to detect and monitor iron overload.

A total of 659 patients were registered under the thalassemia category, prompting the government's decision to establish a dedicated hospital in Hulhumale' to enhance thalassemia treatment.

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