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Amin Avenue lists FAM President among non-settlers of apartments' maintenance fee

Mohamed Rehan
10 December 2023, MVT 14:47
FAM President Bassam Adeel Jaleel-- Photo: Mihaaru
Mohamed Rehan
10 December 2023, MVT 14:47

Amin Avenue has listed the name of Bassam Adeel Jaleel, the President of the Football Association of Maldives (FAM), among the non-settlers of the maintenance fee for the apartments in the Amin residential complexes.

Bassam owns two penthouses and one three-bedroom apartment on Amin Avenue, in Hulhumalé.

According to the company, Bassam has not settled a total of sum of MVR 193,785.86 in maintenance fees for two of his penthouses and the apartment located on Amin Oak Tower.

Although the name on the list reads 'Bassam Ali Jaleel,' Mihaaru News has learned that the apartments were bought by the FAM President under his name.

The non-settlers of maintenance fee for the Amin Avenue apartments are listed, publicized and placed in the lobby of the towers.

The penthouses of Bassam, who is alleged of misappropriating funds received to FAM, are situated next to each other on the tower.

The name of non-settlers of building maintenance fee for Amin Avenue Oak Tower; though the name on the list says 'Bassam Ali Jaleel', Mihaaru has learned it is in fact the FAM President

A source speaking with Mihaaru News reported that the two penthouses have been merged and renovated to luxury standards. The source further estimates the valuation of the penthouses to be over MVR 15 million.

"This is a rough figure, not the exact amount," the source, wishing to remain anonymous, said.

Meanwhile, Maldives Immigration announced a travel ban on Bassam upon the request of Maldives Police Service over its ongoing investigations into possible mismanagement and misappropriation of funds received to the association from international sports federations, including FIFA.

Police raided the FAM House on October 22, for their investigation launched under the direct order of Prosecutor General Hussain Shameem.

Amin Avenue Oak--

Speaking on the case to the media for the first time on November 30, PG Shameem said that the prime suspect of the allegations levied against FAM is Bassam. Shameem also revealed the state's decision to press charges against the FAM President.

At the press conference Shameem said that the office was handling due diligence before the charges are filed officially with the relevant court.

"We suspect senior officials of FAM on the case, and based on current findings, its President Bassam appears to be the prime suspect," Shameem said during the media briefing.

Bassam however, denies all allegations placed on him and other senior officials of FAM.

Shameem said that the office discovered frequent mishandling of funds received by FAM and noted that the expenses of its senior officials are visible information since they used cash cards for transactions while abroad.

"We know where they have traveled, and where they stayed. Which mall and outlet they shopped, and what they bought. The information are stored in a system," Shaheem added.

The Prosecutor General further highlighted the existence of policies on handling funds received from international federations, and noted that although FIFA extends the money directly to FAM, it belonged to the Maldivian citizens.

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