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Government to implement 'wait list' for housing allocation

Mohamed Rehan
05 December 2023, MVT 11:44
Minister of Housing Dr. Ali Haidar-- Photo: Mihaaru
Mohamed Rehan
05 December 2023, MVT 11:44

The government has decided to create a 'waiting list' for people based on their need for housing, instead of selecting eligible recipients for every social housing scheme separately.

While addressing the Petition Committee of the Parliament, Minister of Housing Dr. Ali Haidar said that the current administration was seeking to amend the existing law to establish a waiting list. The committee conducted its meeting regarding a petition filed against the Gedhoruveriyaa social housing scheme, of which the recipients were announced around the final days of former President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih's administration.

After creating the waiting list, the minister said its entrants would be evaluated at various intervals to assess changes to their living conditions. The minister added that priority would be given to the people on the waiting list when awarding housing units for prospective social housing schemes.

He said that the list would streamline the process of evaluating applicants, instead of having them apply for the schemes separately each time they are announced.

"[We can determine] which citizens are most in need of housing and provide them with housing after identifying [them]," the minister said.

Minister Haidar promised to reveal further details as the efforts progress.

He reiterated that the current administration would continue with the social housing schemes initiated by the previous government, following the counsel of the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC).

He added that the re-evaluation of the recipient list would be determined only after receiving feedback from the ACC.