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Proper thing to do is for Nasheed to step down as Speaker: MDP

Mariyath Mohamed
26 October 2023, MVT 15:21
Parliament Speaker Mohamed Nasheed
Mariyath Mohamed
26 October 2023, MVT 15:21

Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) has stated that the proper thing to do right now would be for Parliament Speaker Mohamed Nasheed to step down from his position on his own volition.

The parliament has announced today that the matter has been scheduled for Sunday's parliamentary sitting, but MDP alleges that The Democrats and Nasheed are looking to present delays and obstacles to the conduction of said sitting.

MDP released a statement today condemning what they alleged Nasheed was doing to obstruct attempts to hold the session on his no-confidence motion.o

"This party believes that the position of Parliament Speaker must be filled by a person who has the courage to face a no-confidence motion, and who holds to democratic principles. The proper thing to do for a Speaker who has lost the confidence of parliamentarians is to step down from the position," the statement reads.

MDP has claimed that Nasheed has been acting in contravention to democratic principles.

MDP stated that while the new administration is due to come into effect next month, the party will not allow parliament work to be conducted against the Constitution and parliament regulations. The statement noted that the Constitution does not allow for any one to hijack the legislature, and urged to act in a manner that allows for the motion to proceed.

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