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Hulhumalé will fall under Malé City Council jurisdiction, says Dr. Muizzu

Rabeeha Amir
13 September 2023, MVT 15:56
Dr. Mohamed Muizzu meeting the residents of Hulhumalé last night -- Photo: PPM
Rabeeha Amir
13 September 2023, MVT 15:56

Presidential candidate Dr. Mohamed Muizzu, representing Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM)/ People's National Congress (PNC) coalition, has said that he will bring Hulhumalé under the administrative administrative purview of Malé City Council.

A significant dispute had arisen between Malé City Council and Urbanco, currently overseeing Hulhumalé, regarding jurisdiction and land ownership.

Addressing a public gathering at the Hiyaa Flats area during the second round of presidential campaign events, Dr. Muizzu emphasized that Hulhumalé would transform into a region managed by a council elected by the residents of Malé City.

"Only then can the voices of the people be truly heard. How can a corporation truly understand the sentiments of citizens? Corporations exist for business purposes," he said.

Dr. Muizzu highlighted that municipal and urban services for the people should be provided by elected representatives chosen by the people themselves.

He pledged that, if elected, he would amend the situation during his governance, ensuring that the rule of law benefits the residents of Hulhumalé 1 and 2.

Previously, the council asserted that Hulhumalé fell under its jurisdiction and that its council members were elected by the votes of Hulhumalé residents, making it the rightful governing body.

However, Urbanco maintained that Hulhumalé is the company's asset, and it was established as a 100 percent state-owned company to oversee Hulhumalé development.

The issue escalated in 2021 when the city council revoked the registry of Hulhumalé. It was during this time that PPM attempted to hold a rally in Hulhumalé without permission, and Urbanco stopped the gathering with police intervention.

Urbanco pursued legal action, and the court ruled in favor of Urbanco, affirming the company's ownership of Hulhumalé.

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