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My focus is solely on delivering results: President

President Dr Mohamed Muizzu has stated that his sole focus is to fulfill promises made to the people and deliver results, and that he would not be straying from that goal.

Hanaan Hussain
20 April 2024, MVT 11:52
Hanaan Hussain
20 April 2024, MVT 11:52

President Dr Mohamed Muizzu has stated that his sole focus is to fulfill promises made to the people and deliver results, and that he would not be straying from that goal.

The President made the remarks while speaking at an event held in Addu City on Friday night, assuring citizens that if all eight parliament seats from Addu were secured for the government, he and his team would be able to deliver the results people want.

"I want to run a government that only focuses on results. This government has not wasted a single day or an hour thus far," declared the President.

President Dr Muizzu assured that he had made all of his campaign pledges with the intention of serving the people with sincerity, adding that his only priority was to produce results as promised.

"None of us spent any time doing things except working to fulfill the pledges we made to citizens," said the President in his speech.

"The only thing within my focus is results," President Dr Muizzu reiterated to his audience. "There is nothing else. There are results for the people, results for development and stability and independence of our country. Is this not what the people want," said the President.

During his address, the President asserted that there was no need to elect people into Maldives' parliament who would interfere with the government. He added that the golden opportunity right now was supporting his government as it was one focused on delivering results.

While the incumbent administration has made many pledges with regards to development in Addu City, President Dr Muizzu reassured the people that he would be able to achieve all of the desired outcomes for them.

The President stated that his government had been able to do things for the people over the past five months even without the support of parliament. Highlighting the commencement of important development efforts, the President noted that the Addu Bridge initiative was the largest development project being pursued in the entire country.

"We will start the practical work of the bridge before the end of this year. Results. Results. Nothing but results matter to me. This is why we should elect eight candidates [that support the government]. There is no need to waste time. There is no need to entertain second thoughts," said President Dr Mohamed Muizzu, encouraging citizens of Addu to elect pro-government candidates in the People's Majlis election scheduled for Sunday.

"I want Addu City's development to be on par with that of Malé, hopefully I will do this for you in these five years," said the President.

President Dr Muizzu stated that if his ruling-party is able to secure majority of seats in Maldives' parliament, his administration would be able to fulfil its pledges at a very fast pace. Visualizing an outcome where all 93 parliament seats were won by pro-government candidates, the President said that the goals they would achieve would only be better as a result.

The President also warned that if candidates who harbored the spirit of revenge were elected into Majlis, his administration would face opposition, unrest, ridicule and obstruction. The President added that the parliamentary elections are a huge responsibility where the power is with the people to shape the future of the country with the results of their vote.

"In placing your mark on the ballot, I would like you to prioritize the interests of this government by giving us a chance to deliver the promises we have made, after spending our days and nights in service of these goals," said the President. "The interest of establishing stability in the country should be given top priority."