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Male' at a standstill with heavy downpours

Mariyath Mohamed
14 April 2024, MVT 00:13
Male' flood/ Rain
Mariyath Mohamed
14 April 2024, MVT 00:13

After soaring temperatures over the past few weeks across the Maldives, especially in the Male' region, heavy downpours on Saturday brought the capital to a standstill.

With March and April being the hottest months generally in Maldives, last Wednesday saw a new record with apparent temperature reaching a high of 48.4 degrees, as per MET Office records.

Saturday afternoon saw heavy rain in the Maldives, with Male' streets soon flooding. MNDF were engaged in trying to alleviate the conditions faced by travelers on the waterlogged streets.

Motorists are advised to not travel at high speeds and to exercise caution.

Police advises persons to not be out on the streets unless for absolute necessities. In a post on X, police stated that they are engaged in providing assistance to those in need and ensuring security and safety on the streets.

National Disaster Management Authority is also working to address reports received of damages caused due to the rain and floods. Currently, they are relocating residents of five houses facing sewage leakages due to the flooding.

The rain continues and streets remain flooded. Public is advised to exercise caution when outside.

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