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Residents of five houses being relocated due to sewage leaks caused by flooding

Mariyath Mohamed
13 April 2024, MVT 23:58
Sewage leak in a bathroom in Male'.-- Photo: NDMA
Mariyath Mohamed
13 April 2024, MVT 23:58

National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) has decided to relocated residents of five houses to temporary shelters due to damage caused by heavy rain and flooding in Male'.

NDMA stated tonight that residents are being relocated to temporary shelters from five out of the nine houses identified as being temporarily uninhabitable through their rapid assessment.

The authority said that the prevalent issue faced in these five houses is difficulties in using toilet facilities as there are sewage leakages resulting from the flooding.

NDMA said that meals will be provided along with the temporary shelter. They will also make special arrangements to provide possible ease for students as they will be starting their exams tomorrow.

Continuous raining through out the day has caused heavy flooding in the streets of Male'. As of now, 495 sacks of sand have stacked around the island to prevent flooding inside various premises.

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