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Five years of having super majority yielded no results: Abdul Raheem

Special Advisor to the President Abdulla Raheem Abdulla stated last night that the opposition has been unable to show any results despite holding super majority in parliament for the last five years.

Mariyath Mohamed
13 April 2024, MVT 11:00
President Dr Muizzu at last night's meeting with residents of Hithadhoo accompanied by Special Advisor Abdul Raheem and PNC Candidate for Central Hithadhoo constituency Azaan.-- Photo: PNC
Mariyath Mohamed
13 April 2024, MVT 11:00

Special Advisor to the President Abdulla Raheem Abdulla stated last night that the opposition has been unable to show any results despite holding super majority in parliament for the last five years.

Abdul Raheem said that due to this, it will be better for opposition candidates to 'stay home' without contesting in the upcoming parliamentary election.

Speaking at a gathering held in Hithadhoo last night night, the Special Advisor said that it has become evident through the speeches of candidates vying for various Addu seats that some people had been negligent towards the development of Addu for the past fifteen years.

He asserted that a thorough investigation needs to be conducted to find out exactly who was negligent in this respect, and why.

"I call upon the Home Minister to conduct a swift investigation," he said.

"To ensure this huge investigation can be carried out, you must come out on the 21st [of April] and vote for PNC [People's National Congress] candidates."

Abdul Raheem claims that opportunities are something that do not come often in a person's life. In the same way, opportunities come rarely even in the life of a nation. He said the intelligent are those that make the best use of such opportunities when they are presented. He described the opportunity to elect PNC candidates to Addu constituencies as one such rare opportunity.

"In the last Presidential Election, citizens made the decision to make the nation into Dhiveheenge Raajje' [Maldivians' Maldives - PNC campaign slogan in 2023]. In order to implement that, you must now vote for PNC candidates. Only then will the advancement and development you desire be brought to Addu," he said.

Abdul Raheem claimed that former President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih's presidency had been brought to an end as he had compromised Maldives' individuality, independence, self-sufficiency, peace and order, and security.

He said the reason why it is necessary to elect PNC candidates is to raise the country out to of the pit of negligence Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) had pushed it into.

Abdul Raheem strongly criticized MDP

Abdul Raheem repeatedly highlighted that no good had come out of electing MDP members to all Addu constituencies.

"They have caused so much damage. They have caused so much loss. They are evil, wicked people," he alleged.

Abdul Raheem went on to question how persons who grew up without love for their nation can have love for its citizens.

He said he found it incredulous that President Ibrahim Mohamed claims today that the current government is conducting projects on funds his government had procured.

"Ibrahim Mohamed Solih, the people are aware that you people left taking whatever money you got. That it is you who used whatever funds you procured was found out when we came into office and inspected the paperwork. Fenaka Corporation alone has debts running up to 4.2 billion. The Maldives State was in a debt of MVR 90 billion," Abdul Raheem said.

Abdul Raheem asserted that there will be punishments for thieving and stated that that is not an act of revenge.

He said that the State is run under a Constitution and laws, and that all must adhere to these. These laws clearly state that acts of thieving must be investigated, he added.

"Otherwise, there is no need of having a police office. No reason of having an Anti Corruption Commission. We have a Constitution unlike any seen around the world," he said.

Abdul Raheem said that based on this, he is confident that no one would consider the investigation of theft and corruption as acts of revenge from President Dr Muizzu.