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Government grants Gedhoruveriya portal access to ACC

Mohamed Rehan
11 December 2023, MVT 16:57
People gathered at the premises of the MNPHI to submit complaints regarding the social housing list-- Photo: Mihaaru
Mohamed Rehan
11 December 2023, MVT 16:57

The government has granted access of Gedhoruveriya portal to the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC).

The portal's access has been granted to the commission as part of its ongoing investigation into the recipients list for the 4,000 housing units, planned to be awarded under the Gedhoruveriya scheme's first phase.

The commission confirmed on Sunday, December 10, that the Ministry of Housing has granted access to the portal.

"Upon granting access, the commission is engaged in the efforts to verify all relevant details regarding the ongoing investigation," ACC's message to the media read.

The ACC further stated that details of its findings would be shared with the media as long as it does not interfere with the commission's investigation.

The commission initiated investigations into the social housing scheme following allegations of falsifying points for recipients and selecting ineligible applicants for the 4,000 housing units. In response to these allegations, the ACC demanded the Housing Ministry to halt all proceedings related to the social housing scheme.

ACC further demanded to cease the housing scheme activities until the commission's investigation concluded.

When members of ACC were summoned to the Parliament's Petition Committee last week, they informed that the portal's access was not provided to the commission which impeded the progress of their investigation.

Minister of Housing Dr. Ali Haidar promised to grant access of the portal to ACC latest by Thursday, last week.

According to the ACC, it had identified several discrepancies in the recipients' list. The commission stated that individuals residing outside of Malé City for extended periods and those without children received higher points and were deemed eligible for the scheme.

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