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Two Channel 13 journalists injured in protest, one in serious condition

Lamya Abdulla
07 February 2023, MVT 10:30
Journalist from Channel 13 injured on Monday, January 6, while covering opposition protests -- Photo: PPM
Lamya Abdulla
07 February 2023, MVT 10:30

Two journalists from Channel 13 covering the opposition protest were injured on Monday, with one sustaining serious injures.

The opposition coalition gathered in Sosun Magu in Malé, close to the parliament, in protest of the presidential address given by President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih. A large number of police were deployed onto the roads in riot gear to control the crowd; they attempted to break up the demonstration with force.

During this altercation, a videographer and photographer wearing their press passes were injured.

Hassan Shaheed, one of the injured journalists, was taken to ADK Hospital for treatment. According to the Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM), he sustained brain and spinal injury. His family had even started the process of transferring him to a medical facility in Sri Lanka for further treatment.

The police used pepper spray to stop the crowd from reaching the parliament.

At the parliament's opening, the opposition lawmakers protested within the chambers before President Solih delivered his address.

A journalist from Channel 13 injured on Monday, January 6, while covering opposition protests -- Photo: PPM

According to the Mihaaru News journalist on scene, the two journalists from Channel 13 were pushed back and fell down when the police, armed with protective shields, moved forward. They were further affected when the police used pepper spray to control the crowd.

Images showing both journalist on the road were circulating online; one of the journalists appear to be unconscious in the photos. Another Channel 13 reporter claimed that the reporter who fainted on site had recently undergone major surgery and was still recovering from it.

PPM Spokesperson Heena said 11 people have been detained by the police so far in connection with the opposition protest. Four people were rushed to a hospital for injuries sustained during the protest.

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