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Victory confirmed, President Solih receives greetings

Mohamed Rehan
28 January 2023, MVT 21:41
Exit polls indicate Solih leading the MDP Primary--
Mohamed Rehan
28 January 2023, MVT 21:41

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih is the apparent victor according to the poll results of Maldivian Democratic Party’s (MDP) primary elections held on Saturday, January 28.

The ruling party held its primary to elect its candidate for the presidential election scheduled for September 2023.

President Solih is receiving congratulatory wishes for securing his win against Parliament Speaker Mohamed Nasheed.

Early results indicated President Solih secured approximately 12,000 votes. The President has maintained a steady 60 percent of the votes from nearly all ballot boxes since results started to be announced. He leads the election with 67 percent of the counted votes, which are from over half the polling stations.

Members of the party have begun congratulating Solih for his win. The Minister of Tourism Dr. Abdulla Mausoom took to Twitter stating that it was a landslide victory for the president, and thanked Solih’s campaign manager Mohamed Nashiz; who is the current Kinbidhoo MP.

“MDP has taken multi-party democracy to new heights with this primary,” Mausoom tweeted.

Adaalath Party Spokesperson and the State Minister of Ministry of Home Affairs Ali Nazeer tweeted that the primary showed that there is no support for the dictatorial policies of former President Abdullah Yameen among the members of any party in the government.

It is unlikely that President Solih will lose the election now, even when the rest of the votes are accounted for; some of the polling stations that have had their results announced were from islands with a higher population, and a majority of them voted for the incumbent president.