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Maldives launches Electronic Immunization Registry

Mohamed Rehan
04 October 2022, MVT 21:45
Minister of Health Ahmed Naseem launches the Electronic Immunization Registry-- Photo: Ministry of Health
Mohamed Rehan
04 October 2022, MVT 21:45

An online registry providing real-time updates on vaccination progress in the Maldives, has been launched on Tuesday.

The online registry was launched by Minister of Health Ahmed Naseem during a special ceremony held at Meerumaa.

The online platform comes thanks to the assistance from World Health Organization (WHO) and UNICEF, towards collating data collected from every vaccination center across the country. The collected data will give up-to-date information on vaccine progress of infants and children.

The platform acts as part of DHIS2, which serves as an all-purpose database of vaccine and other health sector data.

With this introduction, parents as well as vaccine centers across the country will be able to track the vaccination progress of individual infants and children - all individual data collected from various centers will be collated into one individual record for each patient.

In case of a child previously administered with vaccine from a different center, the currently administering center can easily look up the online registry for the patient's medical history or vaccine records before administering the relevant vaccine. Ministry of Health identifies, the online registry will vastly cut down time consumed by each individual center to confirm vaccination history of patients; that were administered elsewhere.

The platform also aims to provide accurate information of vaccine coverage across the country.

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