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Vinares flats open for sale: HDC

Malika Shahid
18 July 2022, MVT 13:05
[File] Vinares Flats
Malika Shahid
18 July 2022, MVT 13:05

Housing Development Corporation (HDC) has opened the opportunity to purchase Vinares flats in Hulhumale' second phase.

In an announcement made on Sunday, the company said that they have opened the opportunity to submit applications online for the purchase of apartments in the Vinares Project. Application submissions will be open until September 15.

The online portal can be accessed through HDC's website, which can be logged in via Efaas.

[File] Vinares Flats

Point policy for Vinares apartment buyers

- 25 points if there is no housing of more than 600 square feet in the Greater Male' Region registered under the main applicant and co-applicant.

- Number of children under the age of 18 and children under judicial custody.

- Number of people living in apartments.

- Size of kitchen and living area.

- The number of bathrooms and the number of people using one bathroom.

- 10 additional points if a person with special needs lives in the apartment.

[File] Vinares Flats

Prior to the the submission of the application for the purchase of Vinares flats, there should be no purchase of a housing unit of more than 600 square feet, or an agreement signed to purchase one.

Hundred units of the Vinares flats have been allocated for people who are not registered in Male' City but have been residing in Male' for 15 years.

Vinares apartment project will have a total of 1,344 three room apartments in 10 towers, with 13 stories each. Each tower will be equipped with four elevators and parking space in addition to shops and gyms. There will also be a garbage chute for waste disposal.

[File] Vinares Flats

Additional information about Vinares apartments

- The size of the apartments is between 883 square feet and 1,395.64 square feet.

- Payment can be made under installment policy within 20 and 25 years.

- Down payment can be made in installments up until the handover for apartments.

- HDC can purchase apartments on behalf of the applicant through a bank loan which can be repaid within 20 and 25 years.

- The price of the flats are between MVR 2.52 million and MVR 2.59 million.

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