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Court acquits suspect smuggling drugs inside luggage wheels

Mohamed Rehan
06 July 2022, MVT 09:04
Illicit narcotic substances confiscated during a previous drug bust--
Mohamed Rehan
06 July 2022, MVT 09:04

A Pakistan national, who was apprehended by local authorities in 2017 for smuggling illicit narcotic substances concealed inside his luggage wheels, was acquitted by the Criminal Court of Maldives.

The court held that the evidences produced by the state prosecution were insufficient confirm that the suspect held reasonable knowledge of smuggling narcotic substances.

The individual, identified as one Mohamed Imran was arrested by local authorities after the inspection led by Maldives Customs revealed the hidden narcotic substances.

The alleged suspect claims that the luggage was handed over to him by another individual.

Investigations into identifying the alleged second individual had not reached a conclusive result.

Criminal Court on Monday's trial of the case, held that the prosecution had failed to present reasonable or sufficient evidence which proves beyond all reasonable doubt that the alleged suspect had prior knowledge of the narcotic substances he was carrying inside the luggage wheels.

The court further claimed that the laymen may not discover insignificant changes to wheel or the standard weightage of empty luggage unlike authorities with specifically trained personnel; such as the Maldives Customs Service.

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