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Dinghy carrying three Somalis stranded on local uninhabited island

Police are looking into the matter of a dinghy carrying three Somali nationals drifting ashore onto an uninhabited island in Noonu Atoll.

Ameera Osmanagic
22 June 2024, MVT 20:11
Three men found in the dinghy which drifted ashore onto Vavathi island in Noonu Atoll --
Ameera Osmanagic
22 June 2024, MVT 20:11

A dinghy carrying three Somali nationals has been found after they drifted onto Vavathi, an uninhabited island in Noonu atoll located up north of Maldives.

Although Police have confirmed that they have received information that the "Armaajo 1" dinghy carrying three Somali men had drifted to Vavathi, they are yet to release any further information about the situation.

Somali boats have been spotted drifting in the Maldivian waters in the past as well.

While Somali pirates also pose a threat in the region, it is unclear whether these individuals have any connection to piracy.

Recently, a Bangladeshi bulk carrier was hijacked with 23 crew members on board by Somali pirates as well.

Although the threat from Somali pirates has subsided in recent years, the increase in attacks by Yemeni Houthis in the Red Sea has shifted safety concerns away from Somalia, leading to a rise in piracy in the region.

Somali pirate activity reached its peak around 2011, with incidents occurring as far as 2,270 miles from the Somali coast across the Indian Ocean.

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